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Retrospect - ICSS Year Book Publication

A triennially-released publication, Retrospect is the flagship publication of the society. Both documenting memories and as a document of memories, Retrospect is the most concrete item produced by the society that Singaporeans graduating from Imperial College will have of their time in London. As the society yearbook, Retrospect has two main aims: firstly to document the people in Imperial College and secondly to capture the memories that people have developed in the Singapore Society. Traditionally, this has been done through pictures taken of the Singaporeans in each department and the inclusion of select pictures of each event held during the three years between publications. We will showcase the unique life of Singaporeans in Imperial College and the rich history and quirks of our community. This year, Retrospect will take the form of a coffee table book, with the stories told through photographs rather than words and prose.

- 05 May 2016
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