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CUMSA Freshers' BBQ and Camp 2015

CUMSA Freshers' BBQ and Camp 2015

This is an event for Freshers starting university at Cambridge in October 2015. Freshers and seniors alike can mingle over food and drinks at the BBQ. The camp is not unlike a Junior College orientation camp, where participants can get to know each other better over fun and games before embarking on the journey to Cambridge together.

- 28 Aug 2015
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Hwa Chong Pre-Departure Briefing

The Hwa Chong pre-departure briefing seeks to foster bonds between freshers, seniors and juniors through fun and meaningful activities. By nurturing a sense of community, it becomes the starting block for future get-together events both in Singapore and the UK. It also seeks to prepare freshers for life abroad through the sharing of experiences and information about the UK. For instance, by the creative integration of food and games, we highlight important cost and cultural differences in cuisine between Singapore and the UK. In doing so, we also hope to root participants in local Singaporean culture before they leave for the UK. Separately, we hope to promote HCOSG as the gateway for Singaporean developments, such as job opportunities in Singapore or upcoming Singapore events. This way, UK-bound students know to go to HCOSG if they hope to find out about opportunities in Singapore.

- 29 Aug 2015
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