5 Things to Do before Singapore Day


5 Things to Do before Singapore Day

04 Apr 2012 I POSTED BY OSP

We saw the concert rehearsal for Singapore Day 2012. All we can say is, a jamboree is set to take place on 14 April! But to thoroughly enjoy the concert, we suggest you do the following before the event:

1. Visit the dentist.
A laugh fest will begin the moment Barbarella and Jacques Ooi from The Noose step onto the stage. Hossan Leong will be giving them a run for their money with his witty, laugh-a-minute humour. When you’re flashing your pearly whites so much, you’ll want to be in your personal best.

2. Exercise to expand your lung power.
Jack & Rai, Great Spy Experiment, Sheikh Haikel and Sylvia Ratonel will heat up the stage, performing numbers as varied as our multicultural society. The energy-pumping music will make you want to be a bathroom singer no more. And with thousands of others singing, you’ll be glad to join in the choruses.

Unlikely combination: How do the sounds of guitar-strumming duo, Jack & Rai,
and rapper, Sheikh Haikel, meld into a catchy tune?

3. Take more wolfberries and gingko.
You need these memory boosters to play the game “We are Singaporeans”. Hossan Leong’s questions about all things Singaporean can be a little challenging for on-the-spot recalls. Lugging all your history textbooks may help but you’ll want to travel light. So just pile up on your intake of wolfberries and gingko!

4. Bring tons of tissue.
We’ll be airing familiar and well-loved tunes that are bound to tug at your heart strings. The chances of going teary-eyed are high. Although we’ve put wet wipes in your goodie bags, you’ll probably use them to wipe your fingers after you devour the chicken wings and black pepper crab. Ladies, remember your mascara and eye-liners too. You’ll need them after a round of bawling. You’ve been forewarned!

5. Watch Mambo 101 with Hossan.
We’re Mambo Jambo-ing. Learn some moves from the video so you can strut your stuff that day. Jacques Ooi, Adrianna Wow, B.B See , Barbarella, Jack and Rai have already pledged their allegiance to Mambo, be the next in line. Put your hands in the air now!

Rehearsal for Mambo Jambo. Can you spot the celebrities in this photo?

By Yee Wei Zhen





I’m excited for this event!! and yes loads of tissue..

are there also seats where we can use tissue packets to “chope” seats? (just joking)

By Eddy on 2012 04 04