Commemorating SG50 Through Theatre and Film
01 Jul 2015

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Commemorating SG50 Through Theatre and Film

Despite being away for so long, I am still a Singaporean and want to do something to commemorate Singapore’s fiftieth birthday.


“You can take a girl out of Singapore, but you can never take Singapore out of her!

Despite living in London for over 20 years now, Jennifer Lim is still a Singaporean at heart. She seeks comfort in our nation’s distinctive characteristics, such as our hawker food and Changi Airport’s automated customs machines.

A prominent actress and filmmaker, Jennifer relocated to London to pursue her interest in acting. Today, her distinguished portfolio includes Hollywood productions such as Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Hostel’ and science fiction film ‘Piercing Brightness’. She is also known for her theatre works at the National Theatre, and Young Vic.

Despite her busy schedule, Jennifer participates actively in overseas Singaporean-related events, such as the recent March for Charity fundraiser held at Hyde Park, London. At these events, Jennifer had many opportunities to meet, partner and collaborate with fellow Singaporeans for her work.

One of these works which she curated together with Annie Jael Kwan was an exhibition titled ‘Theatre Memories: 50 Years of Singapore Theatre’. The exhibition shone light on the top 50 theatrical practitioners, including actors, directors, and even costume designers and make-up artists. Jennifer also acted in and produced short film ‘Dream of Emerald Hill. The film, which was screened at The Arts House in April, will have a second screening at the Peranakan Museum this National Day. 


Jennifer Lim (left) at the opening night of ‘Theatre Memories: 50 Years of Singapore Theatre’.
The exhibition gave visitors a glimpse of reconstructed theatrical venues. These venues include rehearsal stages, makeup rooms and the backstage area.

“It was an intense experience coming back to Singapore to manage two projects over a period of two and a half months,” she said. “The amazing thing is you can actually get things done in Singapore in half the time compared to anywhere else in the world!”

“SG50 is a momentous event in the history of Singapore and I knew from the start that I want to be part of the legacy,” she added. “Despite being away for so long, I am still a Singaporean and want to do something to commemorate Singapore’s fiftieth birthday.”


Jennifer Lim as Singapore thespian Rosie in short film ‘Dream of Emerald Hill’, her second work in commemorating SG50.

In the coming months leading up to Singapore’s golden jubilee, Jennifer will be taking some time to attend works by other Singaporean artists, including the ‘Singapore: Inside Out’ exhibition. The travelling exhibition had just completed its successful run in Beijing, and will be making its way to London this month in June.  

As for her plans for National Day itself, Jennifer recalled some of her family’s ‘traditions’. “I remember all of us congregating in front of the TV watching the National Day Parade, and of course, makan-ing!” she said with a laugh. “I have nothing specific planned for this National Day, but I suspect I’ll probably be calling home and getting updates on the parade!”


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