Immortalising Fond Memories of Home
09 Mar 2012

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Immortalising Fond Memories of Home

And it’s all coming back to you. The familiarity of it all.

Yee Wei Zhen

 And it’s all coming back to you. The familiarity of it all.

If being at Singapore Day inundates you with memories of all things Singapore, why not pick up the phone and dial in…a memory?

Dial in a memory? Yes! A phone booth will be specially set up to ‘collect’ memories about Singapore. Your memory will count towards the goal of 5 million memories the Singapore Memory Project hopes to collect by 2015, the year Singapore turns 50.

“The Singapore Memory Project (SMP) is a dream of mine — to start a movement built around the romance of remembering. While there are tonnes of material printed and published on Singapore, the perspectives that come from the intangible memories of anybody who has ever experienced Singapore come and go. I would like us a generation from now to know that we have not lost the opportunity to capture the lives of a generation in memory,” says Mr Gene Tan, Director of National Library Arts & Singapore Memory Project.

But if you like your memories captured in more tangible forms, you could get them displayed as messages in bottles at the “old-school” drink stall instead. While documenting your memories, peer over the stories others have written too. Rows after rows of bottles, each containing a story of a past to be shared, a recollection to be rekindled with fellow Singaporeans.

Display your memories as messages in bottles at the "old-school" drink stall.

Explaining why the SMP is making its way to New York for Singapore Day, Mr Tan says: “We feel that memories might be the best link to home that overseas Singaporeans can have. So the SMP experience at Singapore G Day is our gift to all those who are away.”

We bet our bottom dollar nostalgia will reach dizzying heights this Singapore Day. So be prepared to breathe in the air of the days of yore. And to complete the whole ritual of revisiting the past, remember to put on those dancing shoes you hung up decade ago, for it’s Mambo time after!

By Yee Wei Zhen


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