Overseas Singaporean Tributes for Mr Lee Kuan Yew
31 Mar 2015


Overseas Singaporean Tributes for Mr Lee Kuan Yew

From all over the world


We are deeply encouraged by Singaporeans all over the world who came together to honour and pay tribute to the late Mr Lee. Our overseas Singaporeans showed us that, no matter where you are, we will always be one Singapore.

Adelaide, Australia

More than 200 Singaporeans attended a memorial tribute to the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew on 29 March 2015 at the University of South Australia. The event which included a live screening of the state funeral proceedings was jointly organised by the various Singapore students' associations in South Australia. The Australian Singapore Business Council also generously sponsored refreshments for the event. See more here

"Thank you Sir, may you rest in peace."

Brisbane Australia

We can count on you, Singaporeans. Even though we are thousands of kilometers from home, you still came down to show your support and pay tribute to our late founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Over 200 Singaporeans turned up, dressed in white, to pay their respects and leave messages of condolence on a large commemorative poster at a tribute event organised by the University of Queensland Singapore Students Society held on 25 March 2015. See more here.

Canberra, Australia

Over 100 Signaporeans attended a tribute event jointly organised by the Australian National University Singapore Students Association and the Canberra Singapore Club on 28 March 2015. Singapore's High Commissioner to Australia was present and was one of the few who delivered a tribute to the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. See more here.

Thank you to those who came forward to share their eulogies.

Melbourne, Australia

More than 740 Singaporeans from all over Melbourne gather together to remember and honour our founding Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew on 28 March 2015. It was a solemn and emotional tribute to Mr Lee. The memorial also marks the first time the Singaporean community groups in Melbourne came together to co-organise an event.

Special thanks to the the Merlion Club Melbourne, Melbourne SG Kampong group, Australia Malay Foundation and Singaporeans of Victoria for your immense contributions in making this happen for all of us. See more here

Sydney, Australia

Some 500 Singaporeans and their friends gathered in Sydney on 29 March , to join countrymen back in Singapore in bidding their final farewell to the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. The gathering was an initiative of Temasek Club (NSW), a Sydney-based social club for Singaporeans and people with an interest in Singapore. See more here

Tasmania Australia

Over 70 Singaporean students came together in remembrance of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew on 29 March 2015. The event was jointly organised by the Singapore Students' Society University of Tasmania and the Singapore Medical Society of Tasmania. See more here

"Thank you Sir for everything you have done for Singapore and we will forever remember how you dedicated your life to building our home. Your legacy will live on as the next generation builds upon what you have started. May you rest in eternal peace, Mr Lee Kuan Yew."

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

On 28 March 2015, Singaporeans in Vancouver, Canada, gathered to pay tribute to the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Initiated by OS Ciel Liu Bei, the informal memorial which was initiated over Facebook  saw over 140 Singaporeans come together and chipping in for the event, with contributions of home-cooked home-cooked food, drinks and flowers for the event.

Jakarta, Indonesia

The Singapore Embassy would like to convey our special thanks to all Singaporeans, and friends of Singapore, who have visited the Embassy this past week to pay their respects to the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. We deeply appreciate your effort in coming down to sign the condolence book, bringing flowers and cards, as well as attending the screening of the State Funeral Service for Mr Lee on 29 March. Through your kind thoughts and actions, we have been able to commemorate the life and achievements of Mr Lee, here in Jakarta. ‪‬

Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region

More than 500 Singaporeans gathered In Hong Kong to remember the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew and watch the live telecast of the state funeral. The event was jointly organised by the Consulate-General of Singapore in HK, Singapore Association of HK and the Singapore Chamber of Commerce HK. See more here

Seoul, South Korea

More than 100 people turned up at an event in the South Korean capital Seoul to watch the live coverage of the State Funeral of Singapore's founding Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Singaporean businessmen and professionals gathered on 28 March for a memorial event for the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. They also gathered the next day to watch the state funeral in Ho Chi Minh city.
Organised by the Singapore Business Group HCMC Chapter and the Singapore Consulate-General in HCMC

Cambridge, United Kingdom

It was cold and windy in Cambridge on 29 March 2015 as over 200 Singaporeans attended an afternoon memorial service for the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew at his alma mater - Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge. The event was organised by the Cambridge University Malaysian and Singapore Students Association, which Mr Lee Kuan Yew had founded. See more here

London, United Kingdom

The Singapore High Commission in London hosted a memorial ceremony for Mr Lee Kuan Yew on the 28th of March 2015. More than 500 well-wishers turned up to hear the High Commissioner and Singaporeans based in the UK pay tribute and share their memories of Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Due to the overwhelming response, the crowd spilled onto the streets. It was especially heartening to see fellow Singaporeans standing in the open cold just so they can participate in the memorial ceremony.

Thank you to everyone who attended, and thank you to The United Kingdom Singapore Students' Council - UKSSC and the Singapore-UK Association for initiating this worthy endeavour. See more here

Dallas, United States of America

Singaporeans in Dallas, Fortworth, came together to observe a moment of silence ad pay tribute to the founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. See more here


North Carolina, United States of America

The Duke University Singapore Students Association held a remembrance event for Singapore’s founding Prime Minister, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew on 28 March 2015. The remembrance event was also attended by a few Singaporean families living in the area. There was a family that has driven more than three hours to Duke University to attend the event.See more photos here.

San Francisco, United States of America

Organised and hosted by NUS Enterprise, the memorial service on 26 March 2015 brought together over 100 Singaporeans based in San Francisco to pay tribute and their last respects to the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. During the memorial event, they watched videos on his life and signed a commemorative poster. See more here.



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