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The 2014 Singapore Community Day this coming Sunday, 21 September 2014 at Matilda Bay Reserve.
IN os snapshots & hotshots
The International Student of the Year award is given to an international student who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievements and has contributed to the internationalization of his/her institution.
IN os snapshots & hotshots community
Check out what else these adorable kids did for Camp@Home (Aug) here
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"Huh? So are you in Ireland or the UK?"
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An overseas Singaporean group for Young Professionals in the UK
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“Have another slice mon cheri,” ZK’s grandmother says to him as she plunges a knife into the half eaten raspberry tart.
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This is how overseas Singaporeans in Brisbane celebrated National Day!
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Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to catch it because you can now stream the entire NDP 2014 show. Also take a look as fellow Singaporeans all around the world celebrate our nation’s 49th birthday
IN os snapshots & hotshots
"I'm so glad I have a job. Some of my friends have been unemployed for more than a year."
IN os snapshots & hotshots
“Finished,” ZK says triumphantly as he shows me the ten extra grammar exercises that I’d given him to do.

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