IN eats diwali
A Taste of Home is back with the all-time favourite Briyani Rice to celebrate the Festival of Lights, Diwali! A mixed rice dish, Briyani Rice, is made with a unique blend of spices, meat or vegetables and rice.
IN eats a taste of home day
A Taste of Home is back with this simple and delicious recipe for Children’s Day. Have fun in the kitchen baking Banana Walnut Cakes Topped with Raisins this weekend!
IN a taste of home hari raya eats
Bake this crumbly cookie with only six steps and ingredients!
IN a taste of home hari raya eats
Forget about cornflakes with milk, how about cornflakes with this biskut instead?
IN a taste of home hari raya eats
Who says baking biscuits is a chore? Bake these in just four steps!
IN a taste of home eats hari raya
Fill your kitchen with the scent of Biskut Dahlia this Hari Raya!
IN eats singapore day
One of Singapore Day’s main highlights is the local food fare we bring over, and where do we find them if not for hawker centres? Apart from soaking up the bustling atmosphere and fragrance of food, some visit hawker centres also to take a journey down memory’s lane.
IN eats
If the temptation to return back to your homeland simply to end your long deprivation from Singapore’s local delights is getting too strong to resist, hold on just a little longer.
IN eats not cooking fletcher food shiok
While you’re busy experimenting in the kitchen, in vain, trying to recreate our Singaporean food, one woman has pretty much already done us all a favour by compiling a book full of recipes on local dishes!
IN eats reads chinatown chinatown tan koh
The nation’s favourite dish, Hainanese chicken rice, needs no introduction. But how many actually know where it originated from? When did it come to Singapore and who cooked it first?

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