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If you have an idea that will help to bring fellow Singaporeans closer together, we will be happy to support. You can make it happen through the Overseas Singaporean Funding Programme (OSFP). We provide seed funding for ground-up initiatives that promote a sense of community and connection to home.

October 2016 Key Events

Michaelmas Welcome Back Drinks!

Welcome Back Drinks is OUMSSA's signature termly event, and our first instalment is the event to kick off the entire academic year! The event brings together Singaporean undergraduates and postgraduates within the University of Oxford for an evening of fun and community bonding, thereby building the Singaporean community in Oxford. To celebrate Singapore's foodie culture and heritage, a wide array of everyone's favourite Singaporean snacks and drinks will be provided as well. A photo booth will be available for members to take photographs and capture the memories from the day. The event is free of charge for all Singaporean members.

-16 Oct 2016
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Welcome Party for New Students

The Welcome Party for New Students will hit 2/3 of the funding requirements mentioned. 1. Integration of Singaporean students studying in Japan. As the new school term has just started, Singaporeans new to Japan would have started school here, whether is it an undergraduate degree, a double degree program (a few are on a NUS/Waseda Double Degree Programme) or a six months exchange programme (with Keio, Hitotsubashi etc). This welcome party will serve as a platform for new students to get to know their seniors as well as the small but strong Singapore community here in Japan, to allow them to touch base with one another. 2. Updating Singaporeans on happenings back at home. As per our previous Mid-Autumn Festival Picnic, SSAJ will be updating our members on current happenings in Singapore through a quiz format (the slides with the questions asked during the Mid Autumn Festival Picnic has been submitted together with the Report as supporting documents). The questions to be asked will be regarding happenings in the past 2 months (kindly refer to said powerpoint slide). Follow up information will be provided to members who attend this Welcome Party about said questions as well. Our previous event (first event with OSU funding in the past few years) had 19 Singaporeans attending and with the batch of new students, we are aiming (hopefully) for 25 Singaporeans to turn up. As such, we have rented a space for this event, and as this is a welcome party to Japan food items such as sushi and fried karaage will be served. We hope that our members can grow closer together through this event and know that even as we are all overseas, we can still keep in touch with fellow Singaporeans, as well as get updated on what's new that's happening in our Little Red Dot

-22 Oct 2016
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October 2016 All Events

South Regional Event

The South Regional Event will involve Singaporean students who are currently studying in universities in the Singapore Societies in the South region of the UK (such as Exeter, Southhampton and Reading etc) coming down to Bristol for a night to explore Bristol and foster bonds amongst the different schools. This 2 day-1 night event aims to unite all the members in the Southern Region's Singapore societies to form a more cohesive community and at the same time, keep them in touch with affairs happening at home when they are so far away. This will be done through a buffet lunch in Bristol. Following that, there will be a tour and activities around the different landmarks in Bristol, which will reinforce and cultivate bonds between members of the various Singapore societies.

-29 Oct 2016
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Welcome Students Lunch

Welcome Singapore students in Hong Kong, both old and new. Strengthen a sense of community among Singaporean students in HK, through meaningful projects and activities. Keep students abreast with developments in Singapore.

-01 Oct 2016
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