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If you have an idea that will help to bring fellow Singaporeans closer together, we will be happy to support. You can make it happen through the Overseas Singaporean Funding Programme (OSFP). We provide seed funding for ground-up initiatives that promote a sense of community and connection to home.

May 2015 Key Events

May 2015 All Events

S-Nexus 2015

1.0 Event Title: S-Nexus 2015 2.0 Event Description: 2.1 S-Nexus is the annual graduation dinner organised by the Singapore Students’ Association Beijing for our members to extend our heartfelt gratitude and congratulations to our graduating seniors. 2.2 S-Nexus, means connection. We hope that even after graduation, our seniors who are entering into a new phase of their life, would say connected to SSA Beijing as our valued alumni. 2.3 The theme for S-Nexus 2015 is School’s Out. Attendees will be dressed according to the theme and we would come together to celebrate a night of good food, good company and fun. Apart from the buffet dinner, the exco and our members have planned out a series of exciting performances and filmed appreciation videos from every batches of students in Beijing. 2.4 We intend to reach the following objectives with our event: 2.4.1 Strengthening community spirit and friendship amongst Singaporean students in Beijing; 2.4.2 Leaving graduating seniors with a night to remember; 2.4.3 And hope that our graduating seniors would remain connected to Singapore and SSA Beijing. 2.5 On behalf of Singaporean students from Beijing, our association sincerely requests for the Overseas Singaporean Unit for its kind assistance in funding our event.

-31 May 2015
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End of Semester Dinner Spring 2015

As the academic year comes to an end, we plan to bring the Singaporean community at CMU together to bond over a shared meal. As the last large gathering before our members disperse, this dinner will also be an opportunity for the SSA to review the significant events, both within CMU and back home in Singapore, that have shaped our year.

-01 May 2015
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