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“I’m going to tell a fishy story”, said Mr Kenny Yap. Popularly known as ‘Kenny the Fish’, he is synonymous with the award-winning, ornamental fish specialist Qian Hu Corporation. Today, Qian Hu is a successful mainboard-listed company and accounts for more than 5% of the global fish market.
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The bar was noisy as we enjoyed a cold beer with Katrina and Ivan. As usual, the topic somehow meandered to food.
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Who says baking biscuits is a chore? Bake these in just four steps!
IN a taste of home
Did you know that this kuih literally means prosperous kuih?
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"I think it is more important to be presentable. It is okay not to be chic."
IN a taste of home eats hari raya
Fill your kitchen with the scent of Biskut Dahlia this Hari Raya!
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Safety precautions are a must in Italy, even if you are just turning in for bed.
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Creeping stealthily like a ninja behind my French teacher at the French Institute (I mentioned I was learning French in my bio, you did read my bio, didn’t you?), I clutched my lunchbox close to my chest and tried my best not to be discovered.
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"How else does one cope in a foreign land? Far away from a mother’s hand?" Scribbler Ying recounts her solitary days as an OS student, with the Internet as her best friend.
IN os snapshots & hotshots flash & blood scribbles
Dear readers, please take a look at this picture below and tell me what you think this is.

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