IN sg buzz speakers series
Meet fellow Singaporeans in your area and hear insights from prominent Singaporean luminaries and personalities at our signature events – the Singapore Speaker Series and SG Buzz. Find an event coming to a city near you
IN community news reads os snapshots & hotshots
An overseas Singaporean group for Young Professionals in the UK
IN os snapshots & hotshots scribbles community raspberry reads
“Have another slice mon cheri,” ZK’s grandmother says to him as she plunges a knife into the half eaten raspberry tart.
IN os snapshots & hotshots community
This is how overseas Singaporeans in Brisbane celebrated National Day!
IN reads news community
Take an inside look into the China-based Overseas Singaporean Group that's all about fresh ideas and forward-looking innovations.
IN news os snapshots & hotshots a taste of home
Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to catch it because you can now stream the entire NDP 2014 show. Also take a look as fellow Singaporeans all around the world celebrate our nation’s 49th birthday
IN os snapshots & hotshots
"I'm so glad I have a job. Some of my friends have been unemployed for more than a year."
IN community event bay day stream
Our friends at the local media agencies have set up special live streams just for overseas Singaporeans to enjoy the National Day Parade.
IN os snapshots & hotshots
“Finished,” ZK says triumphantly as he shows me the ten extra grammar exercises that I’d given him to do.
IN a taste of home hari raya eats
Bake this crumbly cookie with only six steps and ingredients!

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