About Us

About Us

The Overseas Singaporean Unit (OSU) plans and coordinates a whole-of-government effort to engage overseas Singaporeans to keep them emotionally connected to Singapore. OSU works with many partners to organise and support a suite of programmes that reaches out to a wide demographic of overseas Singaporeans.


OSU Liaisons

We have officers based in several key cities where there are many overseas Singaporeans.
Find out more and get in touch with them.
Overseas Singaporean Liaison Michelle Loh

Michelle Loh

New York

Currently based in New York City, Michelle grew up in a typical Singaporean household in Bishan, and craves for simple things like kopi-c dabao whenever she’s away. To her, the sights, sounds and smells of a hawker centre encompass all that she loves about the little red dot. When not catching up with fellow Singaporeans in the US, she can be found Googling for interesting films or podcasts, or embarking on her next culinary adventure.

Overseas Singaporean Liaison China Shelly

Shelly Yeo


From nasi briyani to bak chor mee, mee soto to yong tau foo, this self-proclaimed expert on Singaporean hawker fare believes she knows where the best stalls can be found on our sunny island! When she’s not eating her way through Shanghai with fellow Singaporean kakis, she’s busy working off the calories on her Mobike or playing with her adorable-pillow-stealing kitten – Tiger. Add Shelly on WeChat at OSLChina.

Overseas Singaporean Liaison UK Brenda

Brenda Tan


Brenda is your bona fide foodie who doesn’t just like to eat. She strives to taste, experience and understand the finer details of the culinary arts. Her interest in food was instilled at an early age by her Peranakan grandmother who, needless to say, was an amazing cook. Constantly surrounded by food at large family feasts, Brenda spent much of her childhood in the kitchen. If you love food too, she could be your new makan kaki!

Overseas Singaporean Liaison Stanley Leong

Stanley Leong

San Francisco

The former news presenter loves conversation and appreciates newly-formed friendships with fellow Singaporeans abroad. He’s game for hot mocha, tennis, a cappella and loves life enough to blog about it. Stanley is blessed to call Singapore 'home'.

Overseas Singaporean Liaison Australia Leanne

Leanne Lim


Leanne gravitates towards the great outdoors and loves going on walks, cycling, and playing tennis and football. In fact, she is capable of holding her own even as the only girl on the futsal pitch. As a lover of arts, she enjoys going to museums and watching Singapore plays. While Leanne loves the coffee in Melbourne, in her humble opinion, nothing can beat a kopi siu dai back home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Overseas Singaporean Unit (OSU) do?

The OSU plans and co-ordinates multi-agency programmes and initiatives to engage Overseas Singaporeans (OS) and strengthen their connection to home and fellow Singaporeans.

How can OSU meet my needs as an Overseas Singaporean?

Firstly, this portal is your gateway to a whole host of information - from news, to policies that affect you while you’re away from home to urgent announcements that you need to know. For matters that concern you and your family while abroad, visit us regularly to be kept in the know.

The Overseas Singaporean portal is also where you can get updates on lifestyle content from home. Through the portal, you can also network and connect with various Overseas Singaporean Organisations (OSO), Singapore Student Associations (SSA) and similar Singaporean communities spread across the world.

Subject to successful application upon meeting the criteria of the OS Funding scheme, your OSO, SSA or Singaporean community group can tap on the OS Funding scheme offered by OSU to partially fund initiatives, events and activities that promote a connection to home and with fellow OS in your community.

As an OS, we also welcome you to the events OSU organises in your city.

What are the benefits of registering for an account?

  • A customised dashboard with quick links to forum threads you follow/frequent, events organised in your city and events you have registered for
  • Application for OS Funding and status updates
  • Receive urgent announcements like news alerts, event shout-outs and travel advisories
  • Free OS TouchPoint subscription – a monthly e-newsletter that keeps you abreast with the latest announcements on developments back home and in your area
  • Free OS membership (optional) with attractive privileges

What is OS Funding Programme?

The Overseas Singaporean Funding Programme (OSFP) provides seed funding to encourage and support overseas Singaporeans across different cities to take the lead in organising ground-up initiatives to foster a close-knitted and vibrant Singaporean community. The event(s) organised must meet the following criteria:

  • Celebrate Singapore’s culture and heritage;
  • Keep Singaporeans abroad abreast with developments in Singapore; and
  • Strengthen a sense of community amongst the Singaporeans abroad through meaningful projects and activities.

Applications are open throughout the year and must be submitted through the Online System for OSFP. To proceed, you will need to login to your Overseas Singaporean Portal account. You may sign up for a free account if you have not done so. Upon login, you will see a shortcut at the bottom of the page for submitting your funding applications. Click here for more information on OS Funding.

What are some of OSU's key events that I can attend overseas?

Apart from Singapore Day, you can join us for the Singapore Speakers Series and SG Buzz,which are held in many cities around the world. OSU may also have other ad-hoc events throughout the year.

Tell me more about Singapore Day.

Singapore Day is a keynote one-day event that is designed to keep Overseas Singaporeans engaged and connected by bringing them a slice of home. It is a collaborative effort between the private, people and public sectors and attracts thousands of Overseas Singaporeans in each city it is held in.

What is the Singapore Speakers Series?

The Singapore Speakers Series is a high-signature event aimed at fostering greater interaction between eminent Singapore-based leaders and the overseas Singaporean community residing in cities with significant pockets of overseas Singaporeans such as New York, London, Sydney, Melbourne, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. The series will feature prominent Singapore business leaders from the private sector as well as distinguished public sector luminaries who have made significant contributions to Singapore's nation-building efforts. Through first-hand accounts of these top leaders, overseas Singaporeans can keep abreast of industry trends, developments in Singapore’s business and economic landscape and gain fresh insights on job and business opportunities back home.

What is SG Buzz?

SG Buzz is a networking event that features personalities from diverse fields like the arts, entertainment, sports and entrepreneurship, though not limited to these. Speakers hail from either niche or non-traditional fields and industries. These informal sessions are excellent events for networking with fellow Overseas Singaporeans and interaction with the speaker.

Do you have events for children?

Yes, we do. But that’s back at home in Singapore. OSU organises a kids camp called CAMP@HOME twice yearly around July and Jan/Feb in Singapore.

How is CAMP@HOME organised and how young must my child be?

CAMP@HOME is typically a 3-day non-residential camp that’s ideal for children between 7 and 12 years old who have been living abroad. The camp offers them an opportunity to learn or reacquaint themselves with Singapore’s rich heritage through highly-interactive tours, have a taste of the local education system through a school immersion programme and even befriend children living in Singapore.

I'm organising an event for Singaporeans living in my area. What assistance can OSU provide?

Firstly, you can apply for OS Funding if your event meets the criteria of the funding scheme.

Secondly, you can publicise your event on the Overseas Singaporean portal's Events Calendar so others know about it.

One can never get enough publicity, so alert other Singaporeans in your area by posting a shout-out the Overseas Singaporean Facebook wall.

I am on social media a lot, so how else can I connect with OSU and fellow Overseas Singaporeans?

Well apart from the Overseas Singaporean Facebook wall, you can also view the many exciting video clips we continue to upload on YouTube.