21 Jun 2018

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Crafting your Resume

Planning to come home for the summer holidays? Are you considering doing an internship or work attachment? Read on for some tips that could help you beef up your CV, including how to highlight your overseas experience to stand out during your application process.


Imagine being a hiring manager who receives tons of job applications every day. With so many resumes to go through, and so little time to read them all, what kind of information would you need to know or look out for to help you choose the right person for the job?


Keep that in mind as you proceed to write your resume – along with these other handy tips.


1. Unpack yourself in six seconds

It is said that recruiters look at each resume they receive for an average of six seconds – which doesn't give you a lot of time for you to catch their eye! Just like an elevator pitch, you’d need to be able to ‘unpack’ or ‘sell’ yourself as succinctly and effectively as you can.

As you craft your resume, assume the perspective of someone who does not know you – how might they perceive you? It’s important to be objective and critical when reviewing your resume to ensure that you represent yourself well.


2. Tailor your resume to the position you are applying for

When crafting your resume, remember to write to fit the job description. Showcase your credentials, relevant work attachments or experiences in relation to the role to demonstrate your competencies in the areas that matter.

Remember to also highlight your personal pursuits and areas of passion that you may have outside of the job, such as voluntary programmes, co-curriculum activities or competitions you’ve taken part in. This will help demonstrate qualities such as leadership, commitment, reliability or even time management – all of which are important characteristics that make for a good employee. You could also consider requesting for recommendations from your professors or past internship supervisors as they would often talk about the qualities that you may possess as well.

3. Highlight your overseas experience

Experience is a valuable asset in any field or industry – however, overseas experience (whether working or studying) is especially well regarded by employers. Being exposed to colleagues or classmates of various nationalities and backgrounds, this can enhance your communication skills and adaptability, which are valued in the workplace.

Experiences in an international environment can range from those that are educational (such as studying overseas or going on an overseas exchange) or work related, if any (like an overseas internship or posting). Even if you held a part time position at a café, it could also exemplify experiences such as interacting and working with people of various nationalities and backgrounds! This could also apply to the classmates or university friends from different countries and nationalities you’d cross paths with along the way. It would therefore be helpful to consider your experiences and identify the kind of soft skills you may have gained from them - such as adaptability, communication and tolerance, all of which are important factors and considerations in hiring.

4. Be creative where possible

It is worth looking into various types of resumes that could best illustrate your skillsets and experiences, particularly if you’re planning to venture into a creative industry. Consider including videos, infographics, linking your resume to an online portfolio, past papers or major coursework done for school. Even with minimal experience, these aspects could turn out to be helpful for hiring managers to envisage your potential. Beyond just listing down your achievements, it is a way for you to deliver impact – in other words, you ‘show’ more than you ‘tell’. 



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