21 Dec 2018


5 Alternative, Super-Singaporean Countdowns for 2018

#peoplemountainpeoplesea. Looking to catch the countdown buzz without the crowd? Here are some as-Singaporean-as-it-gets alternative parties you can join if you are back home for the new year!



Credits: @calvinchan.imagery


First off, welcome home! Second, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


New years are for letting bygones be bygones, making new year resolutions (which we can only hope we keep), and most important, spending time with family and friends. If you have been away, here are some ways to send off good ol’ 2018 with your loved ones, Singaporean-style! Check out the local Insta-spiration we have found too!



1. Join Friends Staying in High-Floor HDBS with THE View: Pinnacle@Duxton, Skyville@Dawson & Others

We all hustle for that high-floor BTO, and what better use of the height than to show off to your friends the great vantage point for the fireworks! Work this in with Alternative 5 for the best results! Small note: the popular Pinnacle@Duxton is closed to public after 9.00pm, and there are limited access cards for residents – so make sure you get real chummy with THAT one friend.


Credits: @evonove


Credits: @hangoutwithdani


2. Be at the Heart(lands) of the Party: Community Countdowns

Who needs country clubs when you have Community Clubs! They are an authentic, pocket-friendly way to usher in the new year, while rubbing shoulders with local politicians and celebrities. Catering to young, old, and everyone in between, these parties are certified family-friendly! Check with your nearby CCs for more information.


Credits: @oneboonlay



Credits: @oneboonlay


3. Dangle between 2018 & 2019: Cable Cars

Cable cars aren’t just something you took to Sentosa before the monorail came about. They can be a delightful (and rather ‘atas’) way to count down to 2019 in mid-air. (P.s. it comes with a bottle of champagne!) More information can be found here.


Credits: @jasyapxl



Credits: @hcc918


4. Catching the Fireworks from Afar: Bay East Garden, Kallang Riverside Park, Singapore Sportshub & Others

Here’s an open secret: you can still get a great view of the fireworks, sans the crowd. We will let the pictures speak for themselves.


Bay East Garden


Credits: @kjersti.jorgensen


Credits: @kafoorsammil


Kallang Riverside Park / Sportshub


Credits: @ah_liang_liang



Credits: @choojkj


Marina Barrage


Credits: @velverse

Credits: @velverse 

Tanjong Rhu

Credits: @joelcravenwee


Credits: @singh.fotography



5. Safe & in Your PJs: in Front of the Television

Let’s be honest: we have all done this and it is probably what many of us are doing! But who said house parties have to be boring? Just dress it up as a theme party (perhaps your favourite SG mascots) and don’t forget to order in a buffet of local food: satay, rojak, fried carrot cake and tehpeng (ice milk tea)! And hey… the toilet is just right there and all yours.


Credits: @okayejaye


Credits: @bluekwangz



Inspired? There’s still time to book that flight!


We’d love to see your pictures and videos of this year’s countdown back home. Do use the hashtags #OverseasSingaporean for a chance to be featured on our Instagram and Facebook page.


Welcoming you #backhomefornewyear!


(Confession: some of the firework photos are from National Day Parade and Grand Prix Singapore, but you get the point of view)



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