‘C’ what fun your kids can have this Children’s Day!

Cook, Craft and Contribute – ‘C’ what you and your kids can do to commemorate Children’s Day next month!


Children’s Day may be an occasion to celebrate the joy of being a child, but it can also be a meaningful day for you to do something special with your little ones! Cook, Craft and Contribute: here are three ‘Cs’ that you can do with your children to commemorate Children’s Day next month!


1. Cook up a storm at home



As Singaporeans, we love bonding over food – especially eating! Enjoying our favourite local delicacies aside, cooking is a good way to bring the family together, and to get your children busy in the kitchen for an afternoon. You could also share about the memories of your favourite food when growing up in Singapore, or discuss the differences in the food cultures of Singapore and your current place of residence.


One child-friendly recipe that will bring you down memory lane is one for Gem Biscuits, from Houston-based Singaporean food blogger Jolene, also known as ‘Miss Crumbs-A-Lot’. This is a fun, hands-on way to introduce your children to this familiar childhood snack! You can also add a sweet touch of colour to the afternoon with these Candy Coated Chocolate Cookies, or try out other savoury child-friendly recipes, like Homemade Wontons or Sweet Potato Balls.


2. Get crafty together  



It’s fun to create something together with your little ones!


For your next craft project, try out our Singapore Cityscape Pop-Up Display with your children and display a part of the Singapore cityscape at home! Through this project, your little ones can hear more about your memories of Singapore’s development over the years while growing up, and share what they imagine the future of Singapore will be like in the years to come.


This activity is suitable for children 7 and older. Parental supervision is encouraged for younger children.



Download the printable version here.


Share your children's final artwork using the #OverseasSingaporean hashtag, along with one or two sentences to describe the inspiration behind their creations – their special creation might just get featured on our social media!

Whether it’s
colouring postcards to be sent to family and friends around the world, or putting together paper cutouts, there are many other ways for you and your children to get crafty together. Discover more of our Resources for Kids here.

3. Contribute towards making another child smile

(Photo Credit: Make-A-Wish Foundation Singapore)

They may be young, but children still have the potential to make a big impact in the lives of others! Your little ones can do something special for the community on Children’s Day, like helping other children who may be less fortunate than they are.

Get your children thinking about how they can give back in the community you’re now in – it could be something as simple as donating their books, toys or clothes in good condition to a children’s charity, saving a part of their pocket money to donate, or buy useful items like stationery or books for underprivileged children, or even taking time to help at an event when back home in Singapore. Encourage them to give their best, and do their best to help others!

Here are some children’s charities in Singapore your family can make a difference to – click on the respective links to find out more:



From all of us at OSU – Happy Children’s Day!


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