Editor's Note July 2017


Mic Tay

I have never known parting to be sweet sorrow. It always comes as a shock, not immediately at the point of separation but in the moments alone, when you realise – “Yes, this is real. Yes, this is how it will be.”

But parting is not unusual, life takes us all to different places. Some orbits trace further away from home, others cross paths and spin off on different trajectories. This July, mine will take a new course.

Yes, this is goodbye.

In the past 3 plus years, I have had the privilege to be part of a dedicated and enthusiastic team, who work very hard to bring a piece of home to fellow Singaporeans residing overseas, through our online content and events. Even in my last month, I have been working hard with friends from The Straits Times to launch the Singapore Pulse and Singapore Heartbeat, two free monthly e-newsletters specially curated for overseas students and professionals. The work has been back-breaking but your appreciation has made it worthwhile.

Playing in my first Warwick Summer Games with Singaporean students half my age
(Note: this picture is of the OSU team, not the students half my age.)

Celebrating our Facebook Page hitting 10,000 followers

Singapore Day brings Singaporeans together, just as it does Team OSU

Of all my work here, I will miss writing Editor’s Note the most. Penning this monthly column has been a great joy, sharing about the issues that I feel for, celebrating our Singaporean kindness and bearing witness to the defining moments of our lifetime. I have received many notes of thanks which have emboldened me to write unguardedly about fading traditions in Singapore, to tell my parents’ stories and to mourn my Grandfather’s absence.

I truly hope you have enjoyed reading them as much as I have writing them. It is a cliché but don’t all clichés hold an immeasurable amount of truth?

So it is with two clichés that I end this final note:

  1. Our paths will cross again
  1. Stay connected

Leaving you in the hands of my colleagues from the digital team
(from L to R: Koi, Nadirah, (Me), Alyssa and Daryl)


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